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Vocal Health
Do You..
  • Find it difficult to project your voice?
  • Develop a sore throat or husky voice after speaking or singing?
  • Find that your voice fatigues by the end of the day?
  • Find others comment on the quality of your voice?
  • Have difficulty being heard?
  • Have difficulty singing high notes?
  • Experience a "crack" or "flip" in the voice?
  • Run out of breath when speaking or singing?
  • Know how to look after your voice?
  • Want to enhance your vocal ability?
Don't be a Vocal Yokel - Make Good Voice by Choice!
Vocal Health

Many things contribute to voice and the way we make it. Genetics play a part. So do our general wellness, illness, medication,  hydration, hormones, psychological and emotional states and various other factors. These include especially how we use the voice and  whether we cause strain and damage as we produce it. Adequate  hydration through the daily consumption of at least 2 litres of water is essential for healthy voicing. The absence of laryngeal constriction is also a most important aspect to the use of healthy voice- especially  with loud voice or high energy or prolonged vocalising. 

Very few people know how to project their voices properly.  To do so we require considerable carrying power but with balanced vocal effort. And we are thrust into situations that demand a great deal in vocal output from time to time , some of us more regularly and more demandingly than others.

The good news is that making voice is a physical activity. We can improve our performance with knowledge, understanding and practice. It's never too late to be informed and change our habits. 

Make the contact and commitment now!

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