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Corporate Training - How a person speaks, how they represent the business and how they create a favourable impression - matter. The ability to get the message across and be listened to - are important for any business and individual. They are key elements to success, advantage and advancement.

Conference & Sales Presentations - What we say and the way we say it are directly responsible for the way other people regard us. Learn presentation skills and how anxiety and apprehension can be overcome so that adrenaline works for you!

Voice Training and Vocal Health - Your voice can be trained to work for you and transform your life. It can be trained to make you sound confident, capable and trustworthy. Voice can break the glass ceiling ” and it's never too late!

Public & Persuasive Speaking - The confidence to speak in public comes from skill and practice. Know that how you sound, what you say and how you say it –will be to your advantage!

Impressive Interviews – The first 15 seconds matter. Learn how to create a positive impression, speak clearly, win with words and secure the position!

Communicating to Connect - How to connect and carry on a conversation is not difficult… once you know how to do it. You can learn how to overcome "blockers" and anxiety to feel confident and speak easily.

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